My name is Lisa Van Ahn, and I am a bootstrapping Airbnb host. I started renting my condo to flight attendants nine years ago while traveling...

Today, I make 6-figures a year on Airbnb without owning any additional properties! I have added 6 properties to my listings (I lease them out, and my landlords love me). My guests love the intentionality I bring to my spaces, demonstrated by my Superhost status (fun fact: I have received 22 consecutive Superhost statuses since the beginning of my time on Airbnb). I'm passionate about creating spaces that feel like home for my guests and offer them peace and a breath of welcome energy on their first step over the threshold.

I’d love to work with you to bring your space to life, design a welcoming, authentic experience ready for short-term guests, and create inspirational income for yourself!


What Clients Say

Lisa helped support the set-up process for my Airbnb and achieve the Airbnb Superhost status like a pro. She is very knowledgeable about hosting, and I had full confidence in her direction based on her authenticity and reputation with her own successful experiences. I am so glad I did not try to set things up on my own. It was worth the time, and she is pretty cool to work with too. It was totally worth the investment!

Heidi S.

Lisa was an excellent Airbnb consultant for my husband and I. She is very passionate about the work, helping others, and is highly competent and thorough. She made the process feel like a breeze to us. Lisa gave us all the essential tools to make our Airbnb successful! I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is interested in starting up an Airbnb.

Lynn W & Andy S.

I had no idea I could earn twice as much on my rental property with Airbnb! Lisa took me through all the steps to list my property and helped me with the design setup, and within one month, I was making twice as much with short-term tenants and less headache too.

Nick E.

Working with Lisa changed everything for me! Her design eye is impeccable, and I can't believe how she set up my space on a budget that looks so luxury! Aside from her design eye, she walked me through setting up my listing and best practices to succeed. I couldn't have had this much profit so early on without her help and guidance.

Barb C.

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